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Weapon – Carrying or Possessing

February 14, 2018

OAH 2017120839

Download Decision PDF BEFORE THE OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS STATE OF CALIFORNIA In the Matter of: PARENT ON BEHALF OF STUDENT, v. VICTOR VALLEY UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT. OAH Case No. 2017120839 EXPEDITED DECISION Student filed a due process hearing request (complaint) which contained both expedited and non-expedited issues with the Office of Administrative Hearings, […]

July 25, 2014

OAH 2014060007

Student v. Capistrano Unified School District – District Prevailed

July 17, 2014

OAH 2014030104

Capistrano Unified School District v. Student – District Prevailed

May 22, 2014

OAH 2014040246

Student v. Los Angeles Unified School District – Student Prevailed

April 29, 2011

OAH 2011030849

Student v. California Montessori Project – Student Prevailed