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IEE – District Failure to File for Due Process

July 29, 2016

OAH 2015110494-2015120807

Student v. River Springs Charter School, River Springs Charter School v. Student – Spit Decision

March 13, 2013

OAH 2012120716

Student v. William S. Hart Union High School District – Student Prevailed

January 14, 2013

OAH 2012020458-2012020005-2012090247

Student v. Temecula Unified School District, Temecula Unified School District v. Student – Split Decision

January 30, 2012

OAH 2011061318

Student v. Fullerton School District – Student Prevailed

July 07, 2011

OAH 2011020188

Student v. Los Angeles Unified School District – Student Prevailed