California Special Education Law

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is A&A?

Adams & Associates (A&A) is a family-oriented practice focused on the needs of children and their parents.

What can A&A do for you?

Our special education attorneys and advocates make it their goal to empower parents of children with disabilities to achieve the educational services to which they are legally entitled. Our attorneys guide parents through federal and state special education laws. We serve as powerful advocates at Individualized Education Program (“IEP”) meetings and, if necessary, through compliance complaints and due process hearings from initiation through appeal.

When should you contact A&A?

A&A advocates for clients of all ages. We represent clients as young as three years old who are just beginning the educational process, as well as clients who are entering college. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to assist you through attendance at an Individualized Education Program (“IEP”) meeting for your child, or through filing of legal proceedings such as filing a compliance complaint with the California Department of Education, filing a due process hearing request, or initiating an appeal from an unfavorable decision. A&A can also assist you with any tort actions you may have against the school district on behalf of your child with disabilities. If you would like to know if A&A can help you with your child’s unique educational needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why should you call A&A?

A&A has a well-established reputation in California for serving as powerful advocates at Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and legal proceedings for children with unique educational needs. A&A remains current with recent legislative initiatives, Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”) decisions, and federal Court decisions affecting the area of special education law. A&A is well equipped with experienced special education attorneys who will advocate for your child’s unique educational needs beginning with your child’s very first IEP meeting. A&A also has a great support staff who assist parents in scheduling appointments with their attorneys, as well as ensuring parents’ questions and concerns are being addressed. Please contact us for further information on how we can specifically help your child.

What Laws Govern Special Education?

Federal and state law governing the field of special education include:
• The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”)
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
• The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”)
• The California Education Code
• Federal and state implementing regulations
• Additionally, courts have interpreted and applied these laws in a variety of cases.

Where can I get more information?

Our attorneys will be happy to discuss your child’s particular educational needs. Please contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation with one of our experienced special education attorneys.